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Club Sections

  • Juniors Section

    The club supports a thriving and very successful Junior Section.

    A Junior Member must be aged between 9 and 17 years inclusive. On attaining the age of 18 a Junior Member can transfer to Intermediate membership which now extends up to the age of 35. Numerous Club Junior Members have progressed over the years from being Juniors at the Club into either Intermediate Membership or into fully fledged Full Members. Large numbers of the Tigers Section are ex-Club Juniors.

    Juniors are normally allocated a handicap of 28 (male) or 36 (female) once he/she has demonstrated to the Junior Section Organiser that he/she is capable of playing 18 holes in a satisfactory manner. Prior to being allocated an official handicap the Junior Member will be required to be under the supervision of an adult member.

    A Junior Member may play any time weekdays and after 3 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays during the summer. In addition from the time the clocks go back until the time clocks go forward a Junior Member may play off the yellow/red tees between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. as two ball matches. Juniors may also play at weekends at other times as below.

    A Junior Member, having attained a handicap of 18 and below, will be permitted to play when accompanied by a Full Member in certain Club Competitions as defined in the Competition Rule Book and will be able to play without the restrictions mentioned above.

    Junior Section Handbook primarily aimed at Junior members is made available to all Juniors on joining the Club. Rules and any restrictions are fully explained within this handbook.

  • Tigers Section

    (for handicaps 4-12 inclusive)

    The Tigers Section has a small, albeit very competitive membership. Tigers Section aim, just like other sections at Stanmore Golf Club, is to encourage new members who fit the handicap criteria to take part in as many of the Tigers activities as possible.

    Tigers Section is for both five and seven-day members. This Section is the premier section at Stanmore as they are also asked to submit teams to various county competitions. Tigers Section has 5 categories of inter club competitions, where a team consists of approximately 6 to 8 people: –

    1. Friendly matches (Handicap 4 to 12)
    2. Mail on Sunday National Competition
    3. Middlesex Tigers League matches (handicap 4 and above)
    4. Middlesex County Competitions (handicap scratch and above)
    5. Middlesex Tigers B League (handicap 7 and above)
    6. Middlesex Tigers Bullivant Bowl K/O (handicap 7 and above)

    Anybody can play in the first category, if eligible to play for the Tigers Section, subject to entering their name on the appropriate sheet in the men’s locker room. For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th categories the Tigers Captain selects a team to represent the club, from those members who have indicated their availability (again on the appropriate sheet in the men’s locker room).

    Tigers section playing year starts with an annual AGM followed by a Dinner in late March. ALL club members are welcome to attend the AGM. Tigers have the following additional competitions: –

    Jubilee Cup – Foxes v/s Tigers v/s High Handicap
    This is a ten man team from each of the sections based on a singles stableford format with the aggregate team score winning the match. The team for this match is again selected by the Tigers Captain from those who have signified their availability on the appropriate sheet in the men’s locker room. Tigers Section has held this trophy for the last 12 years.

    Robbie’s Cup
    This is an 18-hole bogey competition played on a Saturday in early October. Open to all Tigers.

    Tigers Winter League
    Played during Autumn and Winter months culminating in the final being played in March just before the Annual AGM & Dinner. Open to all Tigers.

    Golf is a very competitive sport and the Tigers section whilst embodying the finest traditions of the game also select teams that will pit themselves against the best in the County and nationally.

  • Foxes Section

    The Foxes section is for both five and seven-day members with a playing handicap from 9 to 19 and is affiliated to the Middlesex County Foxes Association. It is the largest section at Stanmore with over 200 golfers in this category by way of handicap. There is no other qualification required to join this section and you are entitled to play in all events subject to a £5.00 subscription and entering your name on the appropriate sheet in the men’s locker room.

    Inter club matches are restricted by number and therefore it is advisable to enter as early as possible.

    The Foxes playing season is from April to September and includes 9 biannual matches against nine other clubs. There are ten players per team and the format is four-ball-better-ball. These matches are played on a friendly but competitive basis, are midweek and generally start at 2.30pm followed by dinner at about 7.30pm. The golf is free with a charge around £13 – £15 for your post match meal.

    There are similar matches played against the other sections of the club: High Handicap, Tigers, Ladies, Juniors and the Past Foxes Captains.

    We also have the more competitive matches:

    Foxes Players Trophy & AGM
    An 18-hole single stableford competition played on the afternoon of the Foxes AGM followed by dinner and the Foxes AGM. This event is the start of our playing year.

    Jubilee Cup Foxes vs. Tigers vs. High Handicap
    Normally played in June at 3pm followed by dinner in the evening. A nine-man team from each section playing a single stableford format with the aggregate team score winning the match. The team for this match is generally selected from those who play in the regular friendly matches played against other clubs.

    Foxes Shield
    An 18-hole bogey competition played on a Saturday or Sunday during the summer.

    Foxes Knock Out Individual
    Knock out competition between Foxes members running throughout the summer.

    Foxes Captains Day
    This is our day out, an all day event that includes lunch and/or dinner, arranged by the Foxes Captain and played at an away course. There are 18 and 27-hole options available to suit all players. The event is open to all Foxes & guests – see Foxes notice board.

    Foxes Cup
    A single stableford competition played with five golf clubs only, on a Saturday during the summer.

    Abrey Cup
    Nine-man team, knockout competition played against eight Middlesex clubs. Each round is played on a neutral course, followed by dinner in the same way as the friendly matches.

    Middlesex County Foxes Championship
    A six-man team, single stableford 36-hole competition played against eight other Middlesex Clubs. Each club on a rotation basis hosts this event annually. The team for this event is selected by the captain/committee from those who play the regular Foxes matches.

    Foxes Open Event, Dinner & Disco
    An 18-hole single stableford competition being held on a Saturday in the summer. This event is open to all club members and guests and is followed by dinner and live music in the evening with wives/partners.

    The Foxes section has a very active and full playing season and is open to all club members between 9 and 19 handicap and their guests in certain events. Our aim is to encourage more of our existing members and in particular our new members to take part in as many events as possible.

    For further information please contact the current Foxes Captain or Secretary.

  • Rabbits Section

    High Handicap Section (for active handicaps 19-28 inclusive)

    Established over 50 years ago, the Rabbits section is open to club members with a Handicap Index of 17 or above. There are about 20 friendly matches a year between March and October against other Middlesex clubs, an inter-club knockout for the Stanley West Trophy, as well as 6 section competitions and events with other sections of the club. There is no joining fee, but players pay a small match fee each time they play. Anyone interested in playing should contact Peter Davies, the Rabbits Secretary, at [email protected]

  • Ladies' Section

    The Ladies’ section is for both five and seven-day lady members. It is a lively section with over 80 members – playing and social – as well as some Academy members who are learning to play. Handicaps range from single figures to a maximum of 54. As a section of Stanmore Golf Club, it is affiliated to Middlesex Golf Ltd.

    England Golf or Club Medal and Stableford competitions are played monthly throughout the year. The highlights of the year are the Spring and Autumn and Invitation meetings. Both friendly and competitive matches are played with other clubs in Middlesex including the Pearson Trophy and the Inter-Club Scratch [5-a-side] Competition. The Kiwi Trophy is contested by the Lady Captain’s team and the Vice Captain’s team. The proceeds of one of the two Eclectic competitions are donated to St Luke’s Hospice. On free days the Lady Captain may organise fun format competitions.

    The Lady Captain’s year of office begins in November at the AGM, which is also when the majority of the trophies are presented. There are two major social events – the Christmas lunch early in December and the mid-winter dinner in February, at which any trophies not awarded at the AGM are presented.

    For further information please contact the current Lady Captain or Secretary.

  • Seniors Section

    (for members aged over 55 years of age)

    Stanmore Seniors’ handicaps range from single figures upwards and so represent a cross section of ability within the Club. A minimum age of 55 and a handicap of 28 or less, are all that are needed to join.

    From April to October some 20 matches are played against other local clubs (home and away) in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. These are all midweek and usually start about 8.30 am. The match format is four ball better ball followed by lunch with the opposition.

    There are some internal competitions, within the Seniors Section, throughout the year, traditionally marking the beginning and end of season.