Stanmore Ladies Open 2013

The lovely thing about our open is that everyone seems to arrive smiling and determined to have a good time. We had the biggest field ever this year with 80 competitors from 26 different golf clubs, but somehow managed to squeeze them all in. 
Once again the weather was on our side and the early mist dissolved into sunshine and most people were in shirt sleeves by the time they tucked into the cake at the half way house. The gazebo remained rooted to the spot and the fantastically stallwart team of ball spotters spent over 5 hours rooted to theirs. There was only one mishap when one lady twisted her ankle in a large hole but even she worked through the pain, called for a buggy and carried on, stopping only at dinner time to put her foot up with an ice pack.
The standard of golf was pretty high and the day was won by Pattie Barratt from Pinner Hill and her partner Christine Phillips from Wyke Green with a magnificent 41 points (picture below). They beat Alison Zilberkwiet and last-minute-stand in Julia Livingstone from Hartsbourne into second place on count back and then third fourth and fifth prizes all went to pairs with 39 points. 
I have to thank everyone who gave up their entire day to help the event run smoothly. Maritza kissed everyone in the car park and then joined Alison to ball spot on the 13th, Jean and Rosemary sold raffle tickets and ran the refreshment gazebo, Janet and Inge ran the cloakroom, Sylvia chased them all onto the course and the joined Jan on the 7th, Moira and Carmen took the photos, Gloria and Frank started the field, Margaret and Sandra manned the 5th and Elizabeth took the 6th while Marian signalled them all down on the 7th. Dave took up his traditional position on the 10th overseeing a magnificent 10inch nearest the pin. Jennie and Rosemary meticulously checked the quite complicated cards and Angie did everything but was not allowed to drive a buggy. Ruth, Bruno and Martin rustled up much complimented food throughout the day and of course Glen and Alan charmed all the ladies from behind the bar.
We have had so many messages of thanks from the participants, but there is absolutely no way that Pat and I could manage the open without this loyal and good humoured support.
Thank you all.
Liz HinesDSC08564.JPG