Seniors June Fixture Results

Felmingham Trophy 6th June 2013 - In the 2nd round of the Felmingham Trophy, Stanmore hosted Sudbury.  In most matches, the lead swung to and fro, with Sudbury eventually winning 5 : 4.  

Chorleywood v Seniors 7th June 2013 - The course at Chorleywood being laid out over The Common deserves a great deal of respect due to its distinct character akin to playing on heathland.  Players must plot their way round, using most, if not all, the clubs in the bag.  Another enjoyable day's golf for the teams of 10 (slightly smaller than normal due to holidays, etc.) with the result favouring Chorleywood 3.5 : 1.5. 

Dyrham Park v Seniors 10th June 2013 - A great day out playing an exceptionally well presented course.  The result is not one to be cherished, losing 5.5 : 0.5!.

Seniors v High Handicappers 13th June 2013 - Many of the Seniors having high handicaps can and do play for the High Handicappers.  Whilst all the matches were closely fought, the Seniors lost 5 :1, of which we shall be reminded when we play for the John Sanders Trophy next season.

Seniors v Chorleywood 20th June 2013  - On a hot humid morning, the Seniors hosted Chorleywood Seniors.  For some matches, the pairings were as they had been at the away fixture on 7th June, re-visiting the friendly rivalry between players.  All the results of the matches were close, but in the final tally, the overall result was an honourable draw with both teams winning 3 matches each.   

Seniors v Northwood 26th June 2013 - On what turned out to be a fine morning, the Seniors hosted Northwood Stags for the first ever fixture between the senior teams. The pairings and handicaps made for some interesting matches with shots being given to many of the Seniors. When all the results were in, Stanmore Seniors had won  4 : 2