Greens maintenance week

Greens Maintenance Week commencing Mon 3rd August


We have our scheduled maintenance week approaching in the first week of August. We will be making 19mm holes in all greens, about 250mm deep, spread 60 tons of sand the greens, let it dry and then work it into the holes by brushing; followed by  smaller 8mm tines to help restore the surface. All of this work will take most part of the week, and hopefully have dry weather to work the sand into the holes.


Due to very high volume of golf we are have at the moment we are planning the work in a different way this year.

For Monday and Tuesday we will be concentrating on  9 holes each day with 9 temporary greens in use each day.


For the rest of the week we will use temporary greens as required, which will change on and off all through the day, and there will be a few at a time.


All this work is what enables us to play the greens year round, so it is vitally important to carry out this work . The work is disruptive to the surfaces, and may take approximately 2 weeks to fully recover.


I would advise members not to plan/play any important matches in this week just because of the disruption to the course.


Barry Neville

Course Manager

Stanmore Golf Club