Categories and Prices

Stanmore Golf Club is a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) and as such our aim is to make golf available to the whole community. We have various categories of membership, all at affordable rates, and with no initial joining fee payable.

Members joining part way through the year will pay a pro-rata subscription.

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Full Seven-Day Membership

Members may use the course at all times when play is possible.

Subscription: £1,565.00
Locker (optional): £32.50
England & Middx Golf Fees: £24.50


Five-Day Membership (Monday-Friday)

Members may use the course at all times play is possible Monday to Friday, including Bank Holidays. 

At weekends, 5-Day members may play on Saturdays and Sundays, after 2pm on payment of a reduced green fee. 

Subscription: £1130.00
Locker (optional): £32.50
England & Middx Golf Fees: £24.00

Distance Membership

Distance membership is available to those whose main residence is outside a radius of 50 miles from the Club. Playing privileges are restricted to 15 full rounds a year regardless of the day of the week.

(to be eligible for distant membership you must be a playing member of another golf club that manages your handicap)


Subscription: 450.00

Junior Membership

Junior members (aged 9 to 18) are permitted to use the premises and course as prescribed by the Club's Articles and by the Board from time to time.
Under 18's may not purchase or consume alcoholic liquor.

Subscription: £199 under 18's, £125 under 14's
Locker: £32.50
Junior Section: £20.00
England & Middx Golf Fees: £24.00

Intermediate Membership

(aged 18 to 35)
Full membership and same playing privileges as for Full Members.

Subject to availability in individual categories.

FULL TIME EDUCATION Age 18 to 25          428.75 I25
          199.00 Junior
  AGE    PAY Category 
      18   313.00 I25
      19   391.75 I25
      20   391.25 I25
      21   469.50 I30
      22   547.25 I35
      23   626.00 I40
      24   704.25 I45
      25   782.50 I50
      26   860.75 I55
      27   939.00 I60
      28   1017.25 I65
      29   1095.50 I70
      30   1173.75 I75
      31   1252.00 I80
      32   1330.25 I85
      33   1408.50 I90
      34   1486.75 I95
      35   1565.00 FULL

Social Membership

Social members may make full use of the clubhouse, bar and dining facilities throughout the week and receive a Swipe Card giving discounts of:

  • 12% on bar purchases
  • 15% on draught beers

Club functions are also open to social members and their guests.

Subscription: £125

Academy Membership

Ideal for new or beginning golfers who wish to learn to play golf, practice and use the full facilities of the golf club. Academy Membership includes:

  • 4 Lessons from our PGA Golf Professional
  • Use of practice putting green, chipping green, practice bunkers and the course (Max 9 holes per day) on:
    + Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    + Weekends after 2pm in winter and after 4pm in the summer.
  • Swipe card giving discounts on bar purchases.

Subscription: £600.00
England & Middx Golf Fees: £24.00

Once you have learned the game to a reasonable standard, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to 5-day or full membership.

Academy membership is only available for a limit of the first 12 months at the end of which a 5 or 7 day membership must be applied for (subject to availability).

Please note that the use of the course by Members and Associate Members is subject to Tee Reservations for Club Matches, Competitions, Society Bookings and any other event agreed by committee or Board.

Members who cannot afford to pay full membership fees may apply to the club for a low income CASC membership (£480 per annum), a supplementary membership form* will need to be completed and subsequently submitted to independent adjudicators:

Eligible Benefit Illustration:

  • Income support
  • Job seekers allowance
  • Housing benefit
  • Working Tax Credit (excludes Child Tax Benefit)
  • Employment and support allowance (income related element only)
  • Welfare to work (youth training)
  • Council Tax Support (excludes statutory 25% single persons discount)

Please contact the club office for details on 0208 954 2599 ext. 3

* CASC is regulated by HMRC and you will need to provide details of your household finances

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