Club Captain

Lee Patterson


It is my extraordinary honour to be elected the 124th Captain of Stanmore Golf Club. A Club with a long and proud, indeed, ancient history (the Gordon Bowl is an older competition than the U.S. Open). However, whilst respecting our golfing heritage we do not allow that to get in the way of us being a modern and progressive golfing entity. The 500 souls who choose to be members hold a remarkably diverse heritage spanning the whole planet and we are the most friendly and probably most diverse golf club in London, sadly the insanity of the wider World could learn a great deal from the sanctuary which exists within our little white out of bounds markers, a place where anger is almost entirely directed inwardly at one's own ineptitude rather than the presence of any other mortals. Such is the joy of our "gadfly" game.

 The great game of golf is a test of one's spirit, integrity and perspicacity. Qualities displayed upon our excellent Links every day of the week by young and old, Ladies and Gentlemen alike.

 Our Club is in good health thanks to the gargantuan efforts of recent incumbents, I have no desire to do anything other than continue that trend, and will devote all my efforts to it.

 "Golf! That gadfly game, that maddens even the most tame"

 Happy Golfing!


Lee Patterson
2017 - 2018